Five of the Best Websites for Freelance Writers

Five of the Best Websites for Freelance Writers

These Sites Are 5 of the Best for Freelance Writers

As a freelance writer, I am always on the lookout for new ideas on how to drum up business.  In addition to broadening my skill set, regular trips to the following five websites put me into contact with potential clients, give me pointers on how to be a stronger, more effective writer, and allow me to receive feedback from my peers.

Websites geared toward freelancers are a tremendous resource for those working for themselves because you often don’t have the same support network and guidance you may receive while employed in a traditional job setting.

Where to Find Tips, Advice, and Job Leads Online

1. Poe War. This Writing Career Center offers a lot to beginning writers.  Articles about how to write a query letter and find jobs within the publishing industry are commonplace on the site and worth their weight in gold.  Each blog entry contains links and videos so that its readers can make the most of John Hewitt’s expertise.

2. Freelance Switch. Freelancers of all types will find the advice given on this website useful.  There is an hourly rate calculator, a directory and job board as well as a blog, podcasts, and other helpful tools.  A post titled, “You Know You’re a Freelancer When…” demonstrates the humorous side of working in your pajamas.

3. Women On Writing. An ezine “Promoting the communication between women writers, authors, editors, Agents, Publishers and Readers.”  Each issue follows a theme and has a variety of feature articles and resources to go along with it.  The site even sponsors seasonal fiction writing contests that are open to both genders.  I frequently print how-to articles from this site.

4. The Freelance Writing Jobs Network. Packed full of job leads, markets, and tools for freelance writers, it is one of the most up-to-date resources on the web.  Article writers, business writers, and bloggers alike can find the information that they are looking for as they visit this site.  Daily emails highlight the best jobs listed on Craigslist.  This feature saves me immense amounts of time.

5. Daily Diversions for Writers. Debbie Ridpath Ohi’s talent for writing and drawing shines through in every entry she posts on her blog.  Her Writer’s Guide to Twitter and entries about her Wordcount Challenges are worth reading.  I especially like the sense of playfulness she brings to her website with her comics.

Writing is a very personal act.  For those individuals who seek to make a career out of it, a variety of resources can enrich their experience.  Although there are many wonderful websites to visit, I feel that these five have had the biggest and most positive impact on my life professionally.

Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer for ChickSpeak, Buzzine, DisFUNKshion Magazine, Student Stuff, and a guest contributor for Wisebread.  She loves thrift related topics and can spot a bargain a mile away.

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