How Bartering and Trading Helps You Make Money and Help the Environment

How Bartering and Trading Helps You Make Money and Help the Environment

Save Money and the Environment

I live in a small town with a handful of clothing stores.  That’s why I was thrilled when a local business owner announced she was hosting a clothing swap at her hip store Willow.  I gathered up a bag full of unwanted items from my closet, entered the date and time on my calendar, and sat back and waited only to learn that the event was rescheduled.

Although I wasn’t able to attend the clothing swap the following week, I continue to keep my eyes open for Facebook events and additional opportunities to trade clothes and accessories with my friends.  As a lover of all things thrift and bargain-priced, there’s nothing more enticing than a clothing swap.

For one thing, swapping saves you money.  It also gives you an excuse to finally clean out your closet and get rid of the things that you never wear.  Last but not least, clothing swaps are good for the environment.

So many useable items are discarded long before they’re worn out.  You can take the things that no longer fit or flatter and give them to someone that can use them.  With upcycling being so popular, even the dullest attire can be repurposed into other useable goods.

Here are some websites online that let you swap clothing, accessories, and other items:

  • – Although the name implies otherwise, this site allows you to swap books, housewares, and pet clothes along with gently used garments from your own closet.  Bid on the item of your choice by offering an item of your own in exchange.  You can also post a description of an item you’re looking for and see if anyone responds to it.  
  • – This easy-to-use website has two search options.  You can browse by category or by specific product names.  Although the site is free to join, each swap costs $1 plus shipping.
  • – The global site allows its users to take pictures of the things they no longer want or need.  When they find something on the site that interests them, they offer a trade and see what transpires.  The other party has the option to choose anything you have listed in exchange for the item you want.  If you want access to clothing and accessories from other countries, this is a great place to look.
  • – This site is the place to go for kids’ clothes and gear.  You earn Zoints every time you refer a friend or send items.  You can even donate your unused Zoints to charity.  How awesome is that?

You can also check out to see if there is a local group in your area.  With 90,000 members on the site, there’s a good chance you can start your own clothing swap group and get a good turnout each time you meet.

Don’t let those clothes from last season stay in your closet any longer!  Take advantage of all the different swaps online and get some new clothing to wear this summer.  You never know how easy it is until you try it out yourself.

Author: Charissa

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