How to Make Money With an Online Tutoring Job

How to Make Money With an Online Tutoring Job

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How You Can Earn Big Bucks Being a Tutor

In an attempt to make extra money, you’ve tried just about everything, mystery shopping, focus groups, selling on Craigslist, etc., but have you ever considered tutoring as a source of additional income?  Being a tutor can be easy and online tutoring jobs are in demand.  You just need to identify what skills you possess and know where to advertise your services.

Here is a list of sites that will pay you to tutor for them:

  1. WyzAnt. As an Independent Tutor, you get to set your prices and select which students you choose to follow-up with.  It’s up to you what schedule you choose to honor but do know that the site charges a fee for every tutoring session you conduct.
  2. EduwizardSTake advantage of fixed or flexible hours and tutor student from the comfort of your own home. is looking for tutors that can assist with test preparation (GRE, SAT) and college-level subjects like Science: Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Physiology, Sociology, History: History (General), US History, World History, Languages: Spanish, Philosophy, Political Science, Study Skills – Study Skills, and  Music: Theory.  Apply directly through the site and enjoy a regular paycheck.
  3. Care.comCreate a free profile.  Search thousands of job listings.  Contact people looking for online tutors.  Get paid.  It’s really that simple with
  4. Work from your home or dorm room, earn money, and keep your teaching skills sharp.  Online tutoring is a great resume builder and income booster.  At you become part of a community of grad students and college students, teachers and professors, science professionals, math professionals, education majors, and work-at-home moms and dads.
become a tutor

Here are some tips that will help you gain more customers as an online tutor:

  1. Post a photo on your profile.  People like to see who they’re going to be spending time with.  Make sure it’s professional.  Save the family pictures and photos with friends for Facebook.
  2. Make sure to list all of your skills and proficiencies.  You never know what subject a person will need help with so it’s best to round out your profile with as many details about your level of knowledge as possible.  The more complete your profile is the more people will want to utilize your services.
  3. Keep your scheduled appointments with your clients.  This helps build trust and gives you the reputation of a reliable, professional tutor.  If you’re running late or need to cancel, give your customers enough time to make other arrangements.  This type of courtesy will earn you points time and time again.
  4. Ask for referrals.  Tell your clients to talk to their relatives and friends about you.  This is one of the fastest ways to increase your workload.  Word-of-mouth advertising works effectively.

Take all the skills and experience you possess and put them to good use by tutoring students that need the extra help.  Try out Wyzant, Eduwizards,, or to get a feel for how each of them works and see if tutoring is a good fit for you.  Tutoring is a worthwhile gig with many benefits.  Not only will you help students ace their tests, you’ll also increase your cash flow which is something you will certainly appreciate.

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