Make Money From Your Extra Space With Airbnb and RideJoy

Make Money From Your Extra Space With Airbnb and RideJoy

Rent Out Your Spare Bedroom with Airbnb

So, you’ve got a spare room that you’re not using and you’re thinking of what to do with it?  Why not rent it out to budget-loving travelers and make some spare cash?  Airbnb is the perfect place to do just that.  You list your property and set a price per night and Airbnb takes care of the rest.  People book their accommodations through the site and you get paid.  If you’re down for hosting people from all over the world in your home, apartment, sailboat or backyard shed, Airbnb is the place for you.

What is Airbnb Exactly?

Airbnb is a unique marketplace where people can search for, list, and book unique accommodations around the world.  Listings include the normal, like an apartment in the States, or the unusual, like a luxury treehouse in Italy.  With accommodations in over 26,000 cities and 192 countries, it’s easy to find somewhere to stay that fits your price range.  If you want a unique travel experience, you’ll certainly get it through the site.  If you’re in it to make money, being an Airbnb Host is something worth looking into.  The next section will explain the process in detail.

How Does It Work?

Listing your home is free.  Airbnb collects 3% of each accepted reservation.  Guests pay 6 to 12% in booking fees.  Your funds are directly transferred to you.  If you need assistance with photography, professionals in your area provide this service for free.  People can rent your place for a night or for weeks at a time if that is something you have specified.  You have the right to accept or decline a request.  Schedule around the important events in your life with ease.  You will receive payment 24 hours after a guest has checked into your listing.

I booked a number of Airbnb accommodations for an upcoming road trip I’m taking.  I’ll have to let you know how it worked out for me.  The price was right so I took a chance on a cabin in the mountains of Colorado, a sailboat in Portland, and a quaint little garden shed in Seattle.  Why stay in a chain hotel when you can stay somewhere unique and memorable?

To learn more about Airbnb and what the site can do for you, visit

Make Money Driving with RideJoy

Are you planning a trip and have extra seats in your vehicle to put to good use?  Do you want to make some extra money to finance your road trip dreams?  If you answered these questions with a resounding “YES,” RideJoy is worth looking into.

Rideshare services are gaining popularity.  The rising costs of fuel and baggage fees have travelers scaling back.  Rather than skip the car ride altogether, users of sites like RideJoy look for drivers like you with room in their vehicles for extra passengers.

Called the Airbnb of transportation, RideJoy is easy to use and free to sign up.  You can Post a Ride Offer or Search for Passengers.  Both options give you the opportunity to share a ride and make some extra money in the process.

Some benefits of ridesharing for passengers include:

  • Saving money on vehicle costs like gas and maintenance.
  • Being able to read or catch up on sleep while another person drives.
  • Meeting new people and turning your ride into something memorable.
  • Helping the environment.

Safety is of utmost importance on the site.  RideJoy posts a list of tips to follow to ensure that your drive is comfortable for everyone involved.  For example, there are references you can read on a passenger’s page before you even agree to pick them up.  You can also ask to speak to them by phone.

As always, if something doesn’t seem right, you have the opportunity to back out at the last minute.  You can report abuse to or (415) 326-3569.  It’s not worth the risk to ignore a hunch.

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