Make Money Giving Tours of Your City with Hip Host

Make Money Giving Tours of Your City with Hip Host

I love making money on the side and fully believe that passive income can save you from many financial emergencies.  That’s why I was excited to find Hip Host, a website that matches local hosts with travelers wanting a more up close and personal view of their destination location.  If you live in a tourist hotspot, why not sign up for a free account and make money giving tours of your city?

People in NYC, Portland, Seattle, London, and Barcelona are doing it.  It’s free to list tours and Hip Host takes only a small percentage of the costs as a fee.  You get to meet new people and share your love for your city with other people which is really cool.  Besides, tours can be scheduled around your life so you can make extra money without it interrupting the rest of your commitments.

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HipHost was created to empower anyone to share their local knowledge and expertise while earning extra money, and to allow travelers to experience any destination like a native. Mario Ricciardelli, the founder, says, “Travelers currently have three options for exploring new places: follow the herd in a lame group tour, hire an expensive private guide, or take the time-consuming risk of planning a tour themselves. My vision for HipHost is to create a simple way for travelers to connect with local hosts who can provide authentic, affordable and fun local experiences.”

Although tempted to sign up as a Host, I do not live in a city that people travel to often.  I did sign up for a free account and benefitted from their referral program.  I made a cool $100 off referrals from Facebook and Twitter.  I’m using the credit to book a tour or two in Seattle while I’m there.

Every person that you get to sign up for a free account on Hip Host earns you $10 in credit.  They also get $10 in credit so it’s a win-win situation for all.  So, even if you live in a city that isn’t that spectacular chances are you’ll one day travel to somewhere exciting and you’ll want to take a tour.  This gives you a more personal experience because you get to choose the things that interest you and you get someone local to show you the ins and out of their city not a commercial tour guide.

About HipHost

HipHost is a trusted community marketplace for customized tours hosted by locals. Aimed at connecting travelers directly to a local host in every city, HipHost sets out to democratize tourism by enabling anyone to book an authentic and customized travel experience at an affordable cost. Travelers can browse and select from existing options, or post a tour request to receive customized offers from nearly 1000 local hosts in more than 100 cities around the world. Local Hosts are able to earn extra money for themselves by sharing their local knowledge and expertise. With every tour covered by a HipFactor guarantee, travelers are assured of a high quality experience or their tour is free. To learn more about becoming a Host or taking a Tour, visit


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