Shameless Self-Promotion: How to Set the World Ablaze with All That is Uniquely You

Shameless Self-Promotion: How to Set the World Ablaze with All That is Uniquely You

The world is full of individuals who want recognition for their experiences, skills and talents and you, my dear, are no different. With social networking sites, blogs, customized business cards, and web applications like Twitter and Flickr, opportunities exist in every arena to shamelessly promote yourself and the cool things that you do. For example, you can check out Generation X Finance on Facebook.

Whether you rock out in a band after hours, create beautiful handmade jewelry on the side, or see yourself writing the next bestseller, the key to success lies within your ability to set the world ablaze by flooding the airwaves, surrounding colleges and universities, and the internet with your name.

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By carefully following trends and making use of the tools provided to you, creating a web presence will be a snap. Singer/Songwriter, Colbie Caillat, launched her career by posting videos on her MySpace profile. Unaware how effective this act would be on her career, the twenty-four-year-old Californian became an overnight sensation. Here are a few ways to get people talking about the awesome things you and your friends do to increase your cash flow and have a little fun in the process:

  • Add a customized signature to all your correspondence. Plug your blog, ETSY site, latest gig or project by updating this feature on all of your e-mail accounts and web profiles.
  • Send out Tweets to your contact list on Twitter and encourage everyone that you know to do the same.
  • Hold a monthly giveaway on your blog. Award handmade swag promoting your arts and crafts business to the winner. Offer a store discount to one subscriber on your mailing list.
  • Visit a website like MOO or VistaPrint and create business cards that reflect your personality. List all pertinent details and contact information on the space provided for text. Carry a stack of cards with you wherever you go and hand them out accordingly.
  • Upload videos and photographs of you and your entourage in action to YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. Link to and embed the images on other websites, in online forums, and in posts to friends.
  • Don’t forget to set up a LinkedIn account and begin networking with friends and co-workers. And Twitter is a great way to socialize in real time.
  • Make customized t-shirts, buttons, and stickers promoting your website, service, or business and wear them wherever you go. Recruit a Street Team and have others help get the word out about your latest line of hair accessories, the hot new demo that you released or your amazing ability to create works of art using only recycled materials.

Small steps like these, when employed properly, can offer measurable results by generating interest in the things that you do when you aren’t seeking out new financial ventures or spending time reading the articles on this wonderful site. From Ohio to Okinawa, people around the world are proving that when it comes to success, there are numerous ways to be discovered by new “fans” daily.

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