Five Ways Freelancers Stay On Top of Their Game

For many people, working from home is merely a dream.  First of all, their employers wouldn’t allow it and besides, even if they did, many people aren’t organized enough to get anything done without constant supervision. A lifestyle filled with traffic jams, claustrophobic cubicles, and day old bagels suits them just fine and they may not even know […]

10 Ways to Make Money Online from Anywhere

Working and making money from anywhere if you haven’t yet tried, might seem like a distant world or something you could never do.   The thought of having more control of your lifestyle by be able to work from home or any location you choose might not even enter your reality.  Perhaps you can’t fathom a […]

Writing for Demand Studios to Earn Some Extra Money

What’s So Great About Writing For Demand Studios? Demand Studios provides article and video content to websites like YouTube,  eHow, GolfLink, Trails, and AOL.  The company hires freelance writers, copy editors, independent filmmakers, transcribers, and title proofers to complete tens of thousands of assignments for these clients.  Payment depends on the content created and submitted weekly to your PayPal account.  Project […]