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It’s tax time once again, and that means many of you are in the process of filing your tax returns. The IRS just started processing returns that were initially delayed due to the new tax laws, but now that everybody is eligible to file things are kicking into high gear. But before you rush off […]

Estimate Your Tax Refund With TurboTax TaxCaster Calculator

2013 Tax Calculator

A Tax Refund Estimate Calculator Are you wondering if you’re going to get a tax refund or maybe owe Uncle Sam this year? Well, instead of waiting until you completely go through your tax return you can plug in some numbers and get a rough estimate today. This can be especially helpful if you end […]

Poll: It's Tax Time – Are You Getting a Refund or Will You Owe?

It’s already Febuary, so most people have received their tax documents by now. There may be a few stragglers, especially from investment companies, but most of us have everything we need to start thinking about taxes. So, if you’ve started to compile your information, what’s this year look like for you? Are you going to […]