I Lost My Job Now What?

I Lost My Job Now What?

i lost my job now what

Restarting Your Life You Lost Your Job

If you find that you are asking yourself “I lost my job now what?” you have come to the right place. Although you didn’t plan it, you’ve lost your job and suddenly are faced with the prospect of starting over in your career or finding a completely new one. How should you proceed?

The following list shows you how:

Soul Searching

The first thing you should do is to take careful stock of yourself.

What happened to my prior job?

Was there anything I could have done to prevent me from losing my job?

What things did the job loss teach me?

What can I do to improve my work performance?

Knowing where you can improve will give you an opportunity to seek the knowledge and training that will enhance your future job. With careful reflection, you can find way to make yourself grow and become more valuable as an employee. It is time to really take time and invest in yourself.

i lost my job now what

Younger Competition

You shouldn’t be afraid of the younger competition when seeking your next job, but don’t become too casual or laid back. Be alert and bring your excitement to every job interview. It’s easy to compete against the enthusiasm and energy of younger candidates if you match it with your own. And you have one advantage that your younger competition cannot match. You bring your more substantial experience to every interview.

Make Yourself Likeable

It takes all kinds…. The perfect company is not made up of the perfect manager and his clones but of a diverse group of people who each offer personalities and skills that complement each other. Be open to fellow employees who are different from you, work at a different pace, and see things from another perspective.

A Good Head Hunter is Your Best Friend

One of the reasons that many people have trouble finding a new job is that they search for it in the same area as the one they lost. Although you may live in an area that hosts a variety of companies in the same field, you will add many more chances to find a better job if you widen your search.

Clean Up Your Social Media and Keep It Clean

Your mom is right.  Snarky friends really can ruin your reputation. Although this advice may seem old fashioned, most potential employers will search social media accounts for tips on job applicants. So complaining about your previous employers may make you look difficult and nonflexible. Putting up photos of your last party might make you seem that you’re not a good fit to a serious company. And political arguments and off color jokes might cause your prospective employer concern. Be sure to set yourself up to really harness the power of shameless self promotion.

Update Your Wardrobe and Hairstyle

Don’t start dressing like a teenager but embrace a more modern but still professional wardrobe and an updated hairstyle. You may also need to consider your makeup colors and application as well; things that change with the years but that are often overlooked by the average person.


Online classes will provide you with additional skills that you can use to gain leverage in your new job.  If you don’t want to enroll in traditional college classes, look online for workshops, seminars, and teleconferences that can give you an added advantage by making you appear more polished to an employer. Here are some free online courses I found.


Losing a job is devastating and although it’s hard to see when it first occurs, there really is a bright side. There is a good chance that you have been missing out on some of the perks that new hires receive.  Plus you will have a chance to discover jobs that are similar to your prior job that interests you more. And, never overlook the advantage of being the fresh face and fresh voice in a new company.

At the end of the day it is important to have a positive outlook on the situation. Don’t let yourself get down in the dumps, at least for too long. If you still have another income coming into the home there are ways to live off one income.



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